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Dimmer For Plating Rectifier

Offering you a complete choice of products which include three phase dimmer stat 50 amp and three phase dimmer stat 100 amp.
Three Phase Dimmer Stat 50 amp
  • Three Phase Dimmer Stat 50 amp
  • Three Phase Dimmer Stat 50 amp
  • Three Phase Dimmer Stat 50 amp
  • Three Phase Dimmer Stat 50 amp

Three Phase Dimmer Stat 50 amp

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Product Details:
Cooling TypeOil Cooled
MaterialMild Steel
BrandAlam Industries
WindingCopper winding
PhaseThree Phase
Country of OriginMade in India
A three-phase dimmer with a 50-amp rating is a device used for controlling the intensity or brightness of lighting or electrical loads in three-phase electrical systems.
Here are some basic details and specifications for a typical three-phase dimmer rated at 50 amps:
Basic Details:
  • Type: Three-Phase Dimmer
  • Current Rating: 50 Amperes
  • Phase: Three-Phase (A, B, C)
  • Voltage Rating: This can vary depending on the specific model, but it's typically designed for use with three-phase systems in the range of 208V to 480V AC.
  • Control Method: Typically, these dimmers are controlled through various methods such as analog voltage control (0-10V), digital control protocols (e.g., DMX512), or programmable controllers.
  • Enclosure: The dimmer may be housed in a protective enclosure to ensure safety and durability.
  • Cooling: Depending on the load and design, it may incorporate cooling mechanisms such as fans or heatsinks to dissipate heat.
  • Mounting: It can be wall-mounted or rack-mounted depending on the installation requirements.
  • Application: These dimmers are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings to control lighting in large spaces like warehouses, factories, theaters, and sports arenas.

Specifications/Additional Details:
  • Load Type: This dimmer can typically control a variety of loads, including incandescent, fluorescent, LED, and other types of lighting, as well as resistive and inductive loads.
  • Control Range: The dimmer should provide a smooth and continuous range of dimming, often from 0% (full off) to 100% (full on).
  • Protection Features: It may include protection features like overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, and surge protection to ensure safe operation.
  • Communication: Some modern three-phase dimmers may have communication capabilities, allowing them to be integrated into building automation systems or controlled remotely via software.
  • Compliance: It should comply with relevant electrical and safety standards, such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards or CE (Conformité Européenne) directives, depending on the region of use.
  • Size and Weight: The physical dimensions and weight can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer and specific model.
  • Wiring: Proper installation and wiring are critical for the safe and effective operation of a three-phase dimmer. It should be installed by a qualified electrician following local electrical codes and regulations.
  • Environmental Conditions: These dimmers are typically designed to operate within specific environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity ranges. Check the manufacturer's specifications for details.
  • Cooling Method: Depending on the load and design, the dimmer may use passive cooling (heatsinks) or active cooling (fans) to dissipate heat generated during operation.
  • Control Interface: The dimmer may have a user-friendly control interface, which could include buttons, a touchscreen, or a digital display for setting and monitoring the dimming levels.
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Three phase dimmer stat 100 amp
  • Three phase dimmer stat 100 amp
  • Three phase dimmer stat 100 amp
  • Three phase dimmer stat 100 amp
  • Three phase dimmer stat 100 amp
  • Three phase dimmer stat 100 amp

Three phase dimmer stat 100 amp

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Product Details:
Cooling TypeOil Cooled
MaterialMild Steel
A three-phase dimmer stat, rated at 100 amps, is a specialized electrical device used for controlling the intensity or power of three-phase electrical loads. It allows for variable control of the voltage or current supplied to a load, typically for applications such as lighting, heating, or motor speed control. Here are some basic details, specifications, and additional information about a three-phase dimmer stat rated at 100 amps:
**Basic Details:**
1. **Type:** Three-phase dimmer stat is an electronic or electromechanical device used for controlling the power supplied to a three-phase load.
2. **Current Rating:** The dimmer stat has a current rating of 100 amps, which means it is capable of handling a maximum load current of 100 amperes on each of the three phases simultaneously.
3. **Control Method:** Dimmer stats are used for controlling the power by adjusting the phase angle of the input voltage waveform. This method is commonly referred to as phase control or phase angle control.
**Specifications/Additional Details:**
1. **Voltage Rating:** The voltage rating of the dimmer stat should be specified, indicating the maximum voltage it can handle on each of the three phases. Typical voltage ratings for industrial applications may be 208V, 240V, 480V, or higher.
2. **Control Range:** The dimmer stat's control range refers to the extent to which it can vary the power supplied to the load. For example, it may allow for continuous adjustment from 0% to 100% power output.
3. **Load Type:** Dimmer stats can be used with various types of loads, including resistive, inductive, and capacitive loads. Ensure that the dimmer stat is suitable for the specific load type in your application.
4. **Control Interface:** Some dimmer stats come with manual control interfaces, while others may have digital interfaces for remote or automated control. Consider the control method that best suits your application.
5. **Mounting Type:** Dimmer stats may be available in different mounting configurations, such as panel mount, DIN rail mount, or standalone enclosures. Choose the appropriate type for your installation.
6. **Protection Features:** Depending on the model, dimmer stats may include protection features such as overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, and short-circuit protection.
7. **Cooling Method:** Dimmer stats generate heat during operation, and they may require cooling methods such as natural convection, forced air cooling, or heat sinks to dissipate heat effectively.
8. **Compatibility:** Ensure that the dimmer stat is compatible with the voltage and frequency of your three-phase power supply.
9. **Safety Standards:** Verify that the dimmer stat complies with relevant safety standards and regulations for your industry or application.
10. **Environmental Conditions:** Consider the operating temperature range and environmental conditions in which the dimmer stat will be used. Some models are designed for harsh environments or outdoor applications.
11. **Certifications:** Check for certifications such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or CE (Conformité Européenne) marking, which may be required for compliance with safety and quality standards.
12. **Documentation:** Review the product's documentation, including user manuals and wiring diagrams, to ensure correct installation and operation.
13. **Cost:** The cost of a three-phase dimmer stat can vary depending on its specifications and features.
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